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  • “GREEN” I used the cowash and the smoothie, I am now trying to figure out glow to get the green tint out of my hair. I have a short salt & pepper natural. I won’t use those products again – a lot of money to waste.

  • Can cancer patients use this hair product?

    Gina J
  • I placed an order but didn’t get a confirmation

    Gwendolyn Chandler
  • is this products good for Alopecia. i say that’s what i have because my hair started thinning in the top of my head. I’ve tried everything and had no results. Do you have a phone number so might talk to/with you personal.

    Thank you
    beauty tharpe
  • I need to talk to someone about which product to order. My edges are gone. There is no telephone number on site

    Joyce Deliman

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