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About Us/Ingredients

Meet the Founder/ CEO of Chy Hair Grow. She started this company because of her struggle with postpartum alopecia! After having her handsome little one her hair started to fall out aggressively. She cut it all off to start over.

She then started making organic products in her kitchen in an effort to grow her hair back healthier and longer. Within months her hair was sprouting like weeds.

She is a licensed cosmetologist of 12 years. She started using her hand made food and Plant based products on some of her clients and realized they were seeing the same amazing growth results, so CHG was born.

She wanted to make the products available to anyone looking for a truly organic hair care experience.

The company has since grown more than her wildest dreams. She has serviced over 20,000 women and men regrow their hair and convert to organic/chemical free products!